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Francisco Perpetuo Santos Diniz
Mestre em Educação (UEPA), doutorando em Geografia (UFPA)

Paradigmatic transition and its relations with the regional development planning in the Amazon

Without detailing both the Amazon region itself and the regional planning experiments carried out in it, this paper aims to contribute to its discussion - the Amazonian regional planning - by aligning elements that may justify a certain paradigmatic transition that this planning must go through. Arguments and reference for this transition are sought in overcoming an exacerbating technicism and scientism of certain strands of modern science, which also pervades planning, by a rhizomatic demarche inspired by the proposals of Deleuze and Guattari. For this, are showed transformations occurred in the economic, environmental and regional planning paradigms, from the insertion of the sustainable development discourse, the holistic perception of nature and the valorization of the practices of the traditional populations. The result is a first conclusion that regional planning for traditional populations should have a local and endogenous community character, as well as rescuing the territory as structuring of relationships woven with the physical environment and value the cartography of socioenvironmental evidences.

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