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Bruna Maria da Silva Rapozo
Doutoranda em Geografia pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Pesquisadora do NEPPAG Ayni (UFPE) e do LEPEC (UFPE).

Agroecological Backyards and Food Sovereignty in Peasant Farming at Sertão do Pajeú, Pernambuco

The article brings to the discussion on the peasantry and the production of food in agroecological garden in the Sertão do Pajeú, Pernambuco, and the contributions of these spaces of production in the construction of strategies for autonomy, food sovereignty and harmony with the natural characteristics of the semiarid. the garden is a traditional agricultural system complex and diversified located near or "around" housing. In this space, each plant and animal species have specific functions for this, were held, bibliographic review about the central theme of the study, field research, structured interviews with eight peasant families, and visits to the agroecological garden. The study showed that the maintenance of the agroecological garden, offers to families, and especially to women, conditions for the construction of strategies for coexistence with the arid, as well as construction of autonomy and food sovereignty, especially because they grow food in quantity and quality for consumption and marketing in agroecological fairs and local trade. The agroecological gardens are also spaces of knowledge building, dialogic, socialization and the strengthening of economic and social autonomy, privacy of women, in the context of the arid hinterland.

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